Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Chickens

Yes, it finally happened. I got my chickens! You may remember the beginning stages of my chicken obsession. Well, my husband surprised me last weekend with a chicken coop. He was so against the idea of chickens for so long that I'm still kind of in shock. He helped me paint it and made a pen for it so now it's all ready! These hens have got the beachiest coop in the neighborhood! Today we went and got our three hens.

I got two barred plymouth rocks (the black and white ones) and one laced wyandotte. I'm not sure what that one will look like. Right now she has black rings around her eyes that look like spectacles, I think we'll name her Specs.

I love that the hens have plenty of space and air and that the eggs they will produce will be much larger than mass-produced ones because the hens are healthier. It's going to be fun! I decided on three chickens so that I would have plenty of eggs to share. They won't start laying for another 6 months. So excited! I'm going to go look at them again now!

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The Reed Family said...

Sooo excited for you Jessi! Can't wait to come and see them!