Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've never been much of a collector. I never understood why you would collect something until you had an unmanageable collection and nothing to do with it. It never appealed to me. Until I discovered Glasbake. Glasbake is a mid-century kitchen-ware company like Pyrex or Fire King. I love it. When we first got married we stopped on our way across the country at my Grandma's house in Colorado. She was in the process of clearing out the basement as they had inherited the house and offered us to take anything we wanted. We ended up with loads of Christmas lights and these.

Vintage Glasbake soup mugs. I didn't even realize how much I loved them until I broke one a few months ago. I decided to look for them every time I'm in a thrift store from now on.

Aren't they adorable? Look at the tiny handle and the square shape! I actually haven't had any luck finding these at the thrift store yet but I'm hopeful!

Okay now this is my recent acquisition. These aren't hard to find at the thrift store, although some thrift stores recognize these milk glass mixing bowls as collectibles and price them around $10. I think mine was $2.99. A few weeks ago I found a bright yellow one and am so mad at myself for passing it up. I have grand ideas of beautiful vintage bake-ware filling the someday open shelving in my kitchen.

My Mom found these for me.  

So there is my confession, I guess I collect vintage bake-ware now. I think the key to collecting without going crazy is to be willing to pass things up. I don't just buy something because it has the right name on the bottom, I buy it because I love it, found a great deal and will actually use it. If it's ugly, too expensive, or a weird shape that I will never use, I'm fine with passing it up. 

What about you? Do you collect anything? Are you going to start?


Yolanda Fields said...

How cute! I love just looking at them! I never thought of going to a thrift store for stuff I needed like mixing bowls. Would possibly be cheaper than buying a new one. Thanks for sharing your treasures! =)

Jessi said...

Yes! Next time you need a pretty pie dish to take somewhere, try the thrift store!