Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summertime tea

Hi friends!
I have an iced tea recipe to share with you today. This isn't anything fancy, just a way to have one cup of freshly brewed iced tea at home! When I started making iced tea one cup at a time at home, I always was frustrated that my ice all melted right away and I was left with watery, warm tea. Here's how to fix that.

1 tea bag (I used black tea)
2 cups hot water
sugar to taste

Steep your tea in the hot water until ready, and add sugar while the tea is still hot. Now here's the special part my husband came up with. Add one or two ice cubes to the hot tea before you pour it over your cup of ice. It helps the tea to begin to cool so that it doesn't melt all of your ice immediately and water down your tea. Enjoy!

Is there anything more summer-y than iced tea in a mason jar?

Also, my boys will be wearing these tomorrow!!

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