Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY Father's Day gift

I was planning on sharing this tutorial with you after Father's Day, so as to protect the secret from my husband but he found these drying in the garage, so I might as well share them with you! My husband is just about the hardest person to buy things for, so I've taken to making things for the kids that he will enjoy on Father's day instead. Last year I made these. This year, I decided to step it up a notch using an idea I found here.

What you'll need:
Freezer paper
exacto knife
plain t-shirt
fabric paint

 Use whatever picture or graphic or words you'd like (I used a picture of Jared that I "poster-ized" in Picasa) and trace them onto your freezer paper and cut it out. The side of the freezer paper box says which side is the iron-and-stick side, so make sure you cut it out so that it will face the right direction when you're ready to iron it on.

 I used an extra picture to put all the tiny pieces on to keep track of where they were supposed to go. Then, iron your stencil onto your shirt.

Paint over the top with fabric paint, (I did a few coats) and viola! I waited until the paint was dry to remove the stencil.

 It wasn't easy to place the tiny pieces exactly right so that the resulting image would look like Jared, but I think they came out ok. They are pretty hilarious.

Jared thinks they're creepy and that he looks like Voldemort, but every time Asher or Owen see them, they say "Daddy shirt!".

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