Monday, April 1, 2013

Simple Baby Blanket Tutorial

I made Finley's blanket! It turned out pretty cute, and it was so simple to put together. Here's what I did.

I ordered a yard and a half of each fabric, enough to make a nice big blanket. Basically, I sewed them wrong sides together all the way around after laying them flat and evening them out.

Then I made some binding and bound the edges! I told you it was simple!

To make binding: Cut strips (I used my walmart sheet) about 2 1/2-3 inches wide. I used 3 inch strips, but I'm not super happy about how thick my binding turned out. Sew several strips together on the diagonal*-enough to go all the way around the blanket. Iron your binding first in half, then open up your fold, fold each side to meet the crease and iron closed. (see photos above)

*To sew your strips together on the diagonal (no photo, sorry!) line up the end of one strip with the end of anotherright sides together, and place them perpendicular to each other, making a square. Sew from one corner to the other of one of the strips and open it up, they should form one continuous strip now, with a diagonal seam. If you can't figure it out, just sew them together straight, right sides together. It won't make that big of a difference.

To attach your binding, start in the middle of a straight edge, open up your binding and start sewing onto the back of your blanket along the crease closest to the edge, right sides together. Go all the way around, taking care at the corners (just make them as neat as you can). The corners are tricky so when you get to one, stop and fold your binding around to the other side to see how it will lay once it is sewn down. I had to do a little seam-ripping and figuring out on the corners...
Next, fold your binding around to the other side and sew it down, trying to make it as even with the backside as possible. 

I apologize because these instructions clearly aren't perfect, and there is probably a better binding tutorial out there somewhere. If binding scares you, you could always sew your front and back fabrics right sides together, leaving a small opening, turn the whole thing inside out and then stitch again around the edge.

Now I just need a snuggly baby to wrap up! 

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MMC said...

This is soooooooo cute ahhh! I'm obsessed. I need one in my size please.