Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The baby bedding plan

My fabric arrived today! I'm so excited to get started on crib bedding! I'm planning on using the boys' old crib skirt and bumper pad and just re-covering/re-working them to use for Finley. That's her name, by the way. Finley Paige. We love her already.

So here are the plans for the baby bedding!

I'm so excited. That one on the bottom is chevron minky. You heard me. The chevron and the floral on top are going to make one adorable blankie, and the three in the middle will make up the crib bumper and skirt.

I got a head start on the crib skirt because I knew the fabric was scheduled to come today. I bought a flat coral colored king size sheet from Walmart on clearance for $7. I'm using it for ruffles on the skirt, piping on the bumper pad and binding for the blanket. 

Look how lazy/ impatient I am. I didn't even iron. That's okay, the sewing police have yet to catch me. I am currently being a good girl and pre-washing my fabric. Hopefully I can get some more done tonight! 


Megan said...

love your fabrics! Finley is so blessed to have you as a mama! and Finley is such a cute name! :) love it!

Jessi said...

Thanks meg :) In case anyone else is interested, I purchase most of my fabric for big projects now at fabric.com.