Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My cheap and natural beauty routine

Hi friends,

I thought I'd share my beauty philosophy with you today. These days, it seems like you could spend a fortune on making yourself look pretty, which is just silly, let's face it. Here's how I keep it under control, using all natural products.

1. I use Trader Joe's natural face wash. It's inexpensive and gentle and uses only natural ingredients. Using natural products on my face has been a no brainer for me because it's so much better for my skin, that I actually end up washing my face less often and using less makeup, which means I spend less. Win, win win.

2. I use Everyday Minerals for my foundation and blush. This stuff is just like the more expensive mineral brands, but so affordable! It goes a long way, too. I think I order two foundations and one blush once a year. I also love their eyeshadows. One thing I love about Everyday Minerals is that they'll send you a sampler kit for free where you select a few foundation colors to try so you can find your perfect color. It takes the fear out of purchasing makeup online.

3. Leave your hair long. When your hair is long, you need fewer haircuts. I can go a few months without a haircut if I just commit to leaving it long. You can always hit up super cuts or a friend with a steady hand for trims in between. I've found that short hair requires so much more maintenance and product. It's definitely fun to change it up sometimes, but if you're trying to cut back, go long girl.

4. I only color my hair if I can get someone to do it for me (ahem, sister-in-law) or I find a groupon for highlights. You can get away with not touching up highlights if you get them just under the very top layer of your hair or go ombre. Ombre is amazing. They basically start your highlights an inch or so from your scalp, teasing your hair back before coloring. It looks like your hair lightened in the summer and just grew out. None of this going to the salon every 6 weeks!

5. I use coconut oil for my moisturizer and under-eye cream. I only do this once a week or so, at night because it's a tad greasy. One jar of coconut oil goes a really long way, so this is way more affordable than buying expensive moisturizers and creams.

I really don't see the point of spending money on my looks, but I am a girl after all, and I do care. Do you have any tips for keeping your beauty routine inexpensive? Leave them in the comments!

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Gabby Skodacek said...

One of my most favorite products is Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub for someone who needs an exfoliator for their skin. It smells amazing, feels amazing, does the job wonderfully! You only need the tiniest bit and it truly goes a long way. Its 7 bucks but you have the jar for the whole year.