Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Home stretch

My family threw me the most adorable baby shower on Saturday. It was so fun! We drank punch and giggled over baby things and made headbands! I love baby girls in headbands, so I asked if we could have a crafting party at my shower. We got fold-over satin elastic (here), felt, feathers and bows and hot glued away.

I'm getting so anxious to meet this baby girl. Only eight more weeks! I can't wait to hold her. I also can't wait to see what she looks like. My boys are so different from each other. So much so that I often get asked by strangers if they are brothers. Owen is super tan with brown eyes and sandy hair, and Asher is fair, red-headed and blue-eyed. So everyone is having fun guessing and wondering what Finley will look like!

As far as getting ready for her arrival, the only things I have left on my list are painting the crib (coral!), and making the bumper pad!

 Here I am, 32 weeks.

Funny story: on Sunday one lady asked me if I was expecting twins (really?) and another said "Oh! You're beginning to show!"

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