Friday, January 25, 2013

bad blogger

With the moving and the living at my parents with two toddlers, somehow my battery charger to my camera battery got lost...and the battery is dead. Also the computer crashed...AGAIN! So we are left with no pretty pictures yet again to adorn this blog. But, I have been making things (I can't stop) and I will show you a picture of the adorable pillow I copied!

I used old white curtain fabric for the pillow form-which I drew free hand to look like this picture. I also drew the feather to fit inside and match this picture as well. I used leftover charcoal felt from my Christmas tree skirt to make the feather shape and just sewed it onto the top piece of the pillow form. I stuffed it with stuffing I took out of another pillow that was falling apart, pillow! It's really cute, too.

I also made two maternity maxi skirts that I'm sure are going to be my live-in apparel of choice come spring and summer. I'll see if I can figure out a way to post some pics for you, because everyone needs to make some. So easy and so comfy! I have tweaked my method a little since the last few I made, and I think I have it down now.

Finally, next week, assuming this little one cooperates, we will hopefully have a gender announcement to make!

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