Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chalk-painted toddler bed: before and after

A few months ago we bought these on Craigslist for our boys. Asher was climbing in and out of his crib so it was time for a toddler bed upgrade. While we found both beds for a reasonable price, can you spot the problem?

Asher's bed has been pink for a few months, so now that we are all settled at my parents house I decided it was time they were painted. I'm big on turquoise. And I've wanted to try out this diy chalk paint technique for awhile now. Annie Sloane chalk paint is designer paint that is supposedly really high quality and perfect for re-finishing projects. I discovered you can make something similar yourself using plaster of paris mixed with the paint. It gives the paint a chalky, harder consistency that covers almost any surface, so you don't have to prep anything. It actually acts like chalkboard paint when it is dry, but I wasn't interested in that so I coated mine with wax to give it a slightly shinier finish.

You will need plaster of paris, water, paint and something to mix them in. The recipe I used was 1 part plaster of paris mixed with enough water to get it to a smooth consistency, 3 parts paint.

I didn't sand the beds at all and it only took two coats to cover them which was awesome! I even painted the plastic feet on each bed.

Aren't they cute? I think they're going to do quite nicely. I picked this color because the greenish turquoise matches the vintage map of Narnia they have in their room. I'd love to make some matching quilts for them. This triangle quilt is my current obsession.


christine rodriguez said...

When you say 3 parts is that like 1 cup per 2tbsp of plaster of paris?

Jessi said...

I think it was like 3 cups of paint per 1 cup of plaster of paris/water mixture. But I used the plastic tub with the markings on it so I kind of eye-balled it.

Jennifer Woracker said...

This is very interesting, they look great! How are they holding up? just brought the type of bed for a fiver and going to paint it very soon :-)