Saturday, September 1, 2012

all things fall

On this first day of September, fall has begun. I'm not sure when the actual first day of fall is but for me, it's September first so happy fall everyone! I love fall more than any other season. We don't even have a real fall here but it's still my favorite. It cools down (a little) and there is a crisp, brightness to the air.  Some of the leaves change and we all settle in and get a little cozy for the season of thankfulness.

Here are a few things I'm most looking forward to this fall.

1. getting my dad to make pumpkin frozen yogurt in his ice cream maker

2. pumpkins!!!

source is lost in pinterest somewhere

3. wearing my new boots

4. re-creating this frozen pumpkin mousse pie from food network

6. and making pozole. If you don't know what pozole is, my heart breaks for you. It's my favorite meal on the planet. I plan on making it soon so stay tuned for the recipe!

love to you all this happy first day of fall.


Joanna said...

That all looks fantastic! Especially the pumpkin yogurt! :) Will you be doing BSF this year? Hope to see you there!

Jessi said...

Hi Joanna! No sadly, I'm not doing BSF (I'm involved with the study at our church) but my boys will be there so I will probably see you!