Thursday, September 6, 2012

Smart Space

The four of us live in 1,000 square feet. I love the little house we rent and am beyond thankful that we are able to live here. It's perfect. I really wouldn't want a space much larger than this right now for two reasons: first, I don't want to clean it; and second, I like that my kids can't spread off into different directions. They are always where I can hear them so it's easy for me to do my own thing at the desk or in the kitchen while still keeping an eye on them.

That said, I've realized lately that as the kids get older, the toys and clothes just multiply. When they were babies, we really made a point of not having more than we needed. Right now, we're nearing the stage of art supplies and train tracks and car ramps and bikes, things that need somewhere to go when they are done being played with.

Here is the boys' room now. We've got a crib, toddler bed, changing table and rocking chair in there. The two boys sharing a room has worked out so much better than I expected.

 Here are some great kids' room ideas and inspiration for this next phase of life. I'm on the hunt for a trundle. 

The photo above is my favorite storage idea. This mom took two ikea bookcases, laid them sideways to create a corner-seating unit, and used baskets inside the shelves for toys! I am so in love with this idea. Dual-purpose! So useful! Since you don't see the toys when they are put away, I would even be fine with this in the living area.

I would love to execute this idea someday. It's basically a huge shelf with two beds up there and space to play below!

I really want to make the most of our space so that it's both functional and clutter-free. It's totally do-able in small spaces! I'm telling myself so, anyway!

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