Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today I wanted to share some of my thrifted finds from last week. Thrifting can provide some major deals but you also have to be careful. Spending money is spending money no matter how inexpensive something may be. You need to always be willing to pass up a deal no matter how good it is. On the other hand, thrifting and Craigslist enable me to have the home I want no matter what my budget is!

Here are some of my thrifting tips:

1. Only go looking when you have something specific in mind
You can easily go crazy finding little deals here and there and wind up not saving money at all. There are too many deals to be had! If you stick to only checking Craigslist or hitting up the thrift store when you are looking for something in particular, you won't end up with a bunch of stuff you don't need and no money to spare.

2. Give yourself a budget
I usually have a number in my head that I'm not willing to go over no matter how cool something is. For example, I only wanted to spend $50-80 on a coffee table, so that limited my search and kept my costs down.

3. Keep looking
If you don't find what you're looking for right away, keep looking! My mom and I have found exactly what we were looking for so many times that now I have complete faith. You will find it!

Last week I was a thrifting Queen. I was making these for my husband so I kept having to run to the thrift store to find cool framed canvasses. I told you about my new couch and coffee table, too. I found the couch while looking for something else and my husband and I decided to go for it. The couch we've had our entire marriage was given to us by my parents, so we thought this was a great deal for our first couch purchase.

 I'm in love.

Here's our real-life living room (aka messy) with the new coffee table. The coffee table will soon be turquoise. 

PS. The chickens, Fifi, Gigi, and Lulu are adapting quite nicely to their new home. They even found their way into the coop on their own the other night instead of huddling together and chirping frantically until I shooed them inside. So proud. They are already noticeably fatter. 

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