Wednesday, May 23, 2012

zippy pouch

I've become obsessed with making these zippered pouches this week.

Aren't they fun? They're perfect for summer. Stick your sunglasses, chap stick and cell phone in one and hit the beach! I made mine big enough to hold a couple of diapers and wipes to store in my purse. I buy little tubes of sunscreen in the travel section at Target, and these pouches are perfect for those, too.

I haven't quite perfected it yet, I've been browsing tutorials to figure out how to do the lining without having any edges exposed inside. Here and here and here are the tutorials I found most helpful. The one in the picture above has some batting in it and is quilted a little bit. I like the thickness it gives.This is my first zipper, can you believe it? They're easy. I didn't even use a zipper foot on my machine. As with everything I'm afraid of  that intimidates me, (raw chicken, yeast, sewing with knits) once I dive right in and try I realize I was silly to be so hesitant. I bought 3 zippers to start out and already am wishing I had bought more! It's not so easy to make a trip to Joann's these days. Last time I took both boys, Owen peed his pants and I ended up forgetting and losing my beloved stroller. So sad.

Anyway, next week I'm hosting my first giveaway! Come back next Wednesday to enter to win one of these  zippered pouches!

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