Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Switch-up

I've been nesting. Sometimes I just get an itch to change stuff up and re-organize. I re-painted the trim on our door jams (they were all nicked and scuffed) and took the headboard/bookshelf that we were using to corral cookbooks, etc out of the kitchen. We also got a new kitchen table! My boys broke my bench, and the table that came with the set is equally as flimsy. Owen likes to stand on the breakfast nook and lean on the table and I'm so afraid he'll send it flying across the kitchen. I found the new set on, you guessed it, craigslist for $75! The whole space feels so much lighter and brighter, it's way more "spring" in here now.


Now I'm trying to decide how to paint it. I still have the yellow paint leftover from the breakfast nook, the gray from the walls, and some lighter gray from my kids table project so I think I'll try to use those up. I'm thinking some white might be nice in here, too. Here are some images I found for for inspiration.

I love painting, and I have lots of it to do this week. I'll be sure to show you the finished product!

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