Monday, March 19, 2012

Cloth Diapering update

I want to update you all on my cloth diapering adventure. It's going SO well. I totally have the hang of it, and don't even think twice about it anymore. If you're new here, I started using cloth diapers on my 2 year old and infant last summer. Here is the post I did laying out the savings involved with switching to cloth diapers. I potty-trained my 2 year old a few months ago, so he's only using a disposable diaper at night and naptime, now. He outgrew the cloth diapers after a few months, they were soaking through too easily. I don't use the cloth diapers at night because I just end up with wet beds in the morning, and I'd rather use a disposable diaper than change sheets every day. (You can buy diaper liners that are supposed to increase the absorbency, but I'm like "eh".)

We use about 2 disposable diapers a day, so with 80 per box or so, we're only spending around $15 every 5-6 weeks. I'm fine with that. My cloth diapers, on the other hand, are in excellent shape! They're seriously like new, aside from the fact that they're not perfectly white. They're really not that bad.

I really thought they'd be horribly stained after 7 months of use, but if one looks a little dingy, I just hang it in the sun on a bright day and the stain fades.

Another perk to using cloth diapers is that they are so gentle on the skin. Asher gets a rash every time he wears disposable diapers for any length of time. 

So far, I would venture to guess that we've saved around $50 a month. We used to spend $60 a month on diapers and now we spend around $10. ($15 for a box that last about 6 weeks)  $50 savings a month for the 7 months we've been using cloth diapers is $350, we've broken even! Now, Asher will be in diapers for another year and we can use these for the next little one as well! I think it's totally worth it. 

What do you think about cloth diapering?? It's not scary I promise!

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