Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mom stuff {cloth diapers and such}

Well here is the update on cloth diapering. It's been about a month now?? I think so, yes. All in all, I must say I'm pretty impressed with how easy it's been.

 I have been able to cloth diaper both boys with 9 diapers and 18 inserts, doing laundry every other day. I still have some disposables leftover, so admittedly, I've been putting my older son in those overnight most nights. Also, my husband doesn't hate it! He joked that he was excited about my cloth diaper endeavor because it meant that he wouldn't be changing anymore diapers, but he has performed admirably :) I think he secretly appreciates this decision because he knows I'm only trying to be a Prov. 31 wife, not make his life harder and more messy. When I calculated the cost for cloth diapers vs. the amount of savings over the next few years, I only calculated the $$ we spend on my baby's diapers--so I figure I don't have to use the cloth diapers exclusively for my older son. If anyone is considering cloth diapering, here are the specifics:

-I used to spend around $60 a month on diapers from Vons--cheapest of the cheap
-I bought my cloth diapers from Gro-via for $300. (I would have spent this much in about 5 months using disposable diapers)
-Over the next 2 years, if I only use them for the baby I will save $400 on diapers (already taking into account the cost of the cloth diapers--wow!)
-If I use them on my toddler as well for the next six months or so, I will save an additional $290!!

Realistically, I will probably end up saving around $550 because I will undoubtedly purchase disposable diapers from time to time, and I also have to take into account the special laundry detergent that the cloth diapers require. But...if I have another baby someday, I can use these cloth diapers then, too!

Okay, now laundry woes. The dirty diapers are gross. I have heard of these contraptions called "diaper sprayers" that you hook up to the plumbing behind your toilet but I'm not going there. We have an outdoor sink where the water from the washing machine drains so I have been rinsing out there. I have only had a few stains to deal with, amazingly enough. I read online that the sun can bleach stains so I tried it and it worked! I think I only have one stain that it didn't work on so that's not so bad!

Moving on, I have found myself at my wit's end these past few weeks. Having a literal breakdown with my husband every week or so was leaving me exhausted, puffy-eyed and emotionally drained. I was feeling like my best wasn't good enough and I couldn't control my temper. Trying to be nice to my kids, keep my house clean, be a good wife and mom, train my baby to sleep, and deal with a whiny toddler, I felt like I didn't have time to be on my face before the Lord to even ask Him for the strength and help I need not only to get through each day, but to do it well. My kids deserve better from me. I found myself sprawled on my bedroom floor sobbing and hyperventilating into my snotty t-shirt when I discovered something--God loves me. He loves me at my worst. He's not disappointed in me and He doesn't wish I was perfect. He knew these kids would rock me and He's taking me somewhere through this.

God is incredibly purposeful. He is always trying to show me something. So, I made time to be literally face down before Him each day and the difference is tangible. During one of these times the Lord led me to Philippians chapter 2 where it talks about Christ's humanity and how he was the servant of all. If God could humble Himself to be a servant, so can I. A friend recommended a book to me called Real Moms...Real Jesus. Reading just a few chapters has shown me that Jesus truly understands what I'm going through! I'm trying to see every menial thing I do as service unto Him, my husband and my boys. I am so thankful for this book. I needed to change my attitude and I needed immediate results. I couldn't do it by sheer willpower but when I live each moment as unto the Lord, it changes everything! I'm not perfect yet, and I have light-years to go, but it's better and that's something.

Comments? Questions? Considering cloth diapering? Feeling crazy? Think I'm crazy?

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