Friday, March 16, 2012

Lately I've been loving mint green. I have a friend who recently painted her kitchen the slightest shade of mint green and it's so beautiful! This color looks great with wood, crisp with white, goes with gold,'s a really great pop of fun to introduce without being too crazy . It's soothing and bright and airy and so pretty!

These make me want to paint my kitchen chairs mint green. Look how great they look with that white table! Remember my white table? The key to mint green is making sure it's got enough blue in it. If the green is too yellow, it won't be minty enough, it will just be green.

Look at the way the color looks with the peachy off-whites in this picture. Lovely.

    Just a little something I've been in love with lately, and very spring. I hope it spurs your creativity and inspiration!


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