Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hide His Word in Your (theirs, too) Heart

I've never been that great at memorizing Scripture. I'm an excellent short-term memorizer, actually. In school, I used to write an essay instead of a speech and just memorize the whole thing. Somehow that was easier to me than fumbling with note cards. In Sunday school, I'd memorize the verse of the week in a few short minutes but ask me to relay it 3 weeks later and I'm lost. As far as the Bible goes, I've done enough Bible study to know what the Bible says, even if I don't know exactly where to find it, but lately I've been wanting to know the actual words. Another Pastor's wife and mentor that I truly respect told me once that being spiritual is the most practical thing you can be. As I've become a mother and realized how desperately I need God's help, I've also come to realize that God's word is the most practical help I'll ever receive. Not only does it offer great wisdom and advice for real life situations, it is Living and Powerful and the Holy Spirit will help me remember every thing I read! I know this isn't new to most of you, but it's been impressed upon me lately. The Bible says to bind God's word around your hand and dangle it in between your eyes and write it on the walls of your house. (Deut 6:6-9) so I've been trying to implement that by putting new verses on our chalkboards as they relate to what we're going through. Owen has memorized his first Bible verse (Rom 5:8) this way! No one but me would know that what he is saying is a Bible verse, but God's Words are in his heart nonetheless!
Awhile back, I tried giving you all free printable Bible verses that I made for the boys' room. It didn't work out so well but I've worked out the kinks and I'd like to offer them again. I chose these verses for the boys because they display God's power and His tender heart toward us. I want my boys to grow up seeing these truths daily. Feel free to print them out and use them around your house, too! Just right click, save and print. The resulting image will fit in a 8x10 frame if you wish. Enjoy!

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