Monday, February 27, 2012

Baking Bread

I've told you all about the artisan bread I've been making lately. It's so satisfying to bake bread, and I was silly for being so intimidated by yeast. It's just another ingredient you dump in a bowl. I decided to expand my horizons a little and tried this farmer's white bread recipe the other day. Jared loves good, soft sandwich bread and so I thought I'd give it a try. We loved it! I found the recipe on Pinterest and I plan to try one more before I decide which one is my favorite. I'll keep you updated! I wanted to share with you because I find it intimidating to look through all those recipes to find the perfect bread. You CAN make this one! I don't even have any loaf pans so I did mine french bread style, it turned out mondo-size, but it was really yummy.

Here it is, covered and resting under a damp tea towel...

 and here it is, in the sunniest, warmest place I could find to let it rise.

I told you it was giant! (BTW, I halved the recipe and just made one loaf)

So pretty! While we waited to cut into it for our BLT dinner, I kept patting it with pride like it was a nice little loaf for coming out so well. 

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