Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From Four to Family

It may seem strange, but I'm just starting to realize we are a family of four. So far it's felt like we are just two kids in their twenties who happen to have a couple of babies. It's taken this long for it to feel like we're not just "playing house". Maybe it took me awhile to notice because it all happened so fast. We had two babies in as many years and I'm finally coming up for air. A kind of new collective family identity is starting to surface and I love it! I noticed it this week when I enlisted the help of my boys in decorating Jared's birthday present.

I wrapped it in brown paper, got out the markers and let the kids go!

I took some pictures of them while they colored and used Picasa to make the collage above. Then I printed it out at Target to use as a card! I thought Jared would get a kick out of seeing the boys in action.

These boys love their Daddy. I love their Daddy, too. I am so glad I thought to let them help with the gifting process. The first thing Owen has said most mornings so far this week has been "Daddy birthday". So. darn. cute! Which is good, because he's two, after all.

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