Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Christmas Crafting Idea

Here is an easy sewing project! These make perfect gifts and are inexpensive, and fast to pull together! I don't believe in making things just for the sake of it, it has to be useful or pretty. This is something I pull out weekly.

I call it a "barley wrap". It's basically a tube filled with barley. You can make the cover removable so it can be washed, but it's really not necessary. This thing is incredible. I don't know about you, but with a 20lb baby and a 30lb toddler, my neck and shoulders are always killing me. I stick this in the microwave for about six minutes and wrap it around me like a hug. Owen likes it, too :) My mom made this one for me, it's pink and soft and fuzzy and has little white stars on it. Perfect for when you're feeling crappy. So, to make this: cut two long rectangles out of your fabric, (maybe use a lining, too- so two out of that as well) sew around three sides right sides together. Turn right-side out, fill with barley, or barley filled inside lining, and fold the end down and sew it shut! Naaailed it!

Here are some other things I've been working on.

The apron is a gift for a little girl's birthday party. I've been using stuff I have to try to make gifts lately, I'm finding that the gifts are much more appreciated when they're so personal.

And....I found my table and chairs! You may remember back in my thrifting furniture post I promised I was going to find an amazing kid's table and chairs on craigslist to paint and give to my boys. I did. It was $30. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Have a lovely weekend!


Megan said...

i love the fabric for the apron! where did you get it? did you have a pattern for the apron? (you probably made it yourself ;) and those chairs and table are going to be super cute i bet! great ideas!

Jessi said...

It's from And no, I didn't use a pattern :)