Friday, December 16, 2011

Sock Monkeys!

I was browsing at Michaels this week and found kid's socks in the dollar section. I brought them home and made sock monkeys! I've never made them before, but I followed this tutorial online and it went pretty smoothly! I accidentally didn't turn them inside out before I did the initial sewing, so I had to rip that out and start again. After that, all went smoothly! I won't attempt to give you directions, the link above is very thorough and helpful.

Stocking stuffers for $1 each! (I had stuffing at home, but if you didn't, I guess it would cost a little more...but still!) Enjoy your weekend!

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Sonya Sosa said...

These are way too cute! I've always liked sock monkeys although I've never had one. Awesome diy. I'm all about diy, I saw your recent post on the table and I've got to say great job. I'm about to tackle a painted table myself very soon. I'll post a before and after if you're interested in checking that out. Anyhoo, happy diy-ing.