Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm back from the Pastor's Wives Retreat and back in the swing of things. The theme for the retreat was "simply grace" which was so refreshing and GOOD. We can never receive enough grace, we never stop needing reminders to receive it, and we will never, ever stop needing His abundance of it.

It left me feeling like this:

It's the perfect kind of fall day today. Brisk and bright with big puffy clouds in the air. Some of them look hopeful to give me more rain. I wish I had a fireplace because I would open all the windows and light it and my husband would protest. Maybe instead I'll bake some chocolate chip cookies...

I think it's almost time for a caramel apple making party--and for You've Got Mail.


Lissa E. said...

Thanks for this, Jess. It was perfectly refreshing. :)

GSkodacek said...

<3 <3 You look SOO peaceful!! :D