Friday, September 30, 2011

Ministry stuff

On Monday I'm heading off to my fifth annual Calvary Chapel pastor's wives retreat! I'm SO excited! And I'm not taking any babies this year!!! WOOHOO!! (Well, last year the baby was technically inside me but still) The new Revive head pastor's wife, Larissa, and I are headed up together and we both wait longingly for this week every year :) We have actually attended together for the past few years but this is the first year we will be head pastor's wife and assistant pastor's wife together.  I've gone with Annie Stone for the past four years, but she and her family headed off to France this summer to continue their ministry there. She will be sorely missed as Larissa and I continue the traditional skipping of one session to get pedicures and ice cream. Sniff.

We are currently going through a Beth Moore Bible study called Believing God with our women which has been AMAZING! We recently moved our Sunday morning service to a local middle school, have just started home groups, and just completed a purity series with our high-schoolers. I love that we call it a retreat. It's like: "fall back"!  It's so nice to get away and spend time in the Word with other pastor's wives.

I will be sure to tell you all about it :)

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