Tuesday, September 20, 2011

effortless decorating: do what you like!

I noticed I have a lot of birds scattered around my house. It's one of those decorating things that just happens, where you realize you must like something because you have a lot of it, not because you decided you did. I realize birds are popular right now, so it's not like I discovered anything new- but I didn't know I liked them. Kind of like how I woke up one morning and realized I love turquoise. I just looked around me and noticed how I always gravitate towards it, always choose it over other colors. I love when that happens. When your style effortlessly evolves on it's own. When you didn't have to decide what you liked or pick out colors, you just do what you like and notice later that there was some consistency.

This is actually a lantern! It holds a tea light inside and hangs from a chain. 

I also love bird houses! These were $1 at Michaels and then I painted them (there is one below, too). The newsprint pear was also at Michaels in the $1 section. I think it's very Anthropologie.

Dollar store!! It's vintage-y and cute, huh?

I'm thinking of getting some more without the pedestals and painting them for my Christmas tree.

$8 canvas print

So there you go, effortless decorating. Just let it happen. You don't even have to know what you like!

I'm planning on doing some kind of fall decor craft this week so stay tuned! Perhaps some kind of fall garland or pieced together pumpkin??


Mara said...

I really like this idea Jessi! I often feel like I have to have the whole plan of what I like in mind before I start, but I heard this same thing once as decorating advice..."just do what you like, and it will all come together." So far so good! That little bird in the nest is too cute! =)

~ Mara @ Super Savings

Jessi said...

It works! You know what you like even if you don't think you do!!