Monday, July 11, 2011


Okay, as promised, here is an update on my cloth diapering endeavor. I received them in the mail on Friday.

 My husband thinks I've gone crazy because I was acting like it was Christmas morning and I've been telling anyone and everyone who will listen about them! I'm surprising even myself with how excited I am to start using these. These diapers are so soft and plush and cushy (not to mention adorable) that it made my disposables look like crunchy paper. I set to work washing and drying (again and again) the inserts as directed so as to "increase the absorbency". This part was time-consuming because the inserts required 2 or 3 turns in the dryer to be completely dry.

 Today they were finally ready so I put one on each kid just to see how it goes. I'm not planning on necessarily using them for my toddler, Owen...only if I decide I have enough and it's easy. So far, Owen soaked through one and Asher is good to go. I suspected that O was about to poop so I put him in a disposable for his nap--I am a rookie after all! The one-size fits all feature is awesome!! A's is definitely more poochy than a disposable diaper, and I can't just do the squeeze test to see if he's wet. I will have to figure out another way...I'll keep you posted.


GSkodacek said...

LOL!!! SO funny! :)

Anonymous said...

As far as knowing when they're wet you'll just figure out his rythym... I usually change Ava every 2 hours depending on how much liquid she has had. Give it a week or two and you won't even think about it anymore :) Good luck!!!!