Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chalk it up!

I've become a little bit obsessed with chalkboard paint. I was browsing online and found all of these fun ways to use it~did you know that you can buy spray-chalkboard paint?? I did not. I now have plans to create all kinds of things. Here are some ideas I found online:

Paint the whole fridge!! Chalkboard paint traditionally comes in green and black but there are more colors on the market now, too! You can even make your own.

Painting a wall or closet doors in a child's room is a fairly obvious idea, but also super imaginative and whimsical. Also, I could never draw anything that cool.

Use chalk-board paint to re-do an old dresser. You can paint the whole thing, just the drawers, or even tape out little rectangles on each drawer just for labeling.

I love the idea of spray-painting labels onto cans, jars, toy-boxes, etc. You could even spray just the lids of jars.

For those of us renters, has peel and stick chalkboards that can go anywhere. They also carry chalkboard place mats and postcards!

    Chalkboard table! Wouldn't this make a perfect "kids table" at Thanksgiving? Keep them entertained!

        Okay, these ones are GENIUS! If you are unfortunate enough (like me, sad face) to not have a fireplace...fake it!! I love it!

        It occurred to me that chalkboards are usually messy so I googled how to clean a chalkboard. You can find cleaning instructions here. Also, I don't really like chalk. Fortunately, you can buy chalk markers at Michaels to get that professional, bistro look. yay!

        More ideas to chalkboard:
        ~Terra cotta pots so you can label your herbs (STAY TUNED>I'm doing this one!)
        ~Chalkboard inside your pantry door for an easily update-able grocery list
        ~Paint the door jam with chalkboard paint to chart kid's heights as they grow (not permanent, but most of our parents used pencil anyway, right?)
        ~Picture frames or the cardboard mat that comes inside
        ~Wooden letters from the craft store (I may do this, too)

        Think outside the box and have fun!! What ideas do chalkboard paint inspire in you? Have you tried using chalkboard paint in your home?

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