Monday, January 18, 2010

dream house

Last night I had a really beautiful dream about my "dream house". I was visiting my sister-in-law's family, who's mother was Ina Garten (from the Food Network). She had this house that I'm going to try to describe to you. It was magical--although in real dream-life it would be my house. The house was in some woodsy place, but I knew the ocean was nearby; I could tell by the lighting and the breeze. There were huge mature trees everywhere; and it had a deck that wrapped around the entire house with several levels. The house was set into the side of a hill, so the effect was that when you were on the deck the canopy of the trees was closer above you than it would have been from the ground. The deck literally wound around the entire house and the house consisted of I think three levels, so the deck had levels as well, littered with leaves from the trees. The house was a craftsman and it was really winding and cozy inside even though it was huge. There was a fireplace in the kitchen and lots of bedrooms. During my dream, I knew subconsciously that my husband had gone out to get donuts (gotta love him) and so we were enjying the view while eating donuts on the deck which had tables and chairs like a cute beachy cafe would. I wanted some milk to drink with mine (you know, if you give a mouse a cookie) so I went inside to find Ina and ask her for some. I went in and discovered the wait staff standing around the espresso machine in the kitchen. I never found out whether they were there for us or if the family was running a restaurant from their home but either way, they were there to bring us lattes. I remember thinking that I should apply for a job there... ahh dreamyland.

Today I saw the movie Leap Year with my Mom--which I loved. Now I'm sipping English Breakfast tea, listening to the dwindling rain, about to dive into To Kill a Mockingbird, and trying not to forget my sigh of a dream...good day :)

btw, I tackled the baby-carrier as promised. I'll post pictures soon!

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