Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I made it!

It's a mai-tai baby-carrier. I got the idea from www.babyhawk.com. I didn't want to spend so much money so I decided to try making one! I spent about $25 in material for this project. I kind of winged it because I hate sewing patterns so I'm sorry I can't give detailed instructions. It's pretty straightforward, you just basically make a square with four really long straps coming out of the four corners. I padded the top of the square and cut off the corners to make a headrest. I also padded the top straps so they wouldn't dig into my shoulders (I have an 18 lb baby after all). To make the padding, I just bought a square peice of foam and cut it to size. I stuck it in once I had made the peice and just sewed stripes on top to keep it in place. I think the hardest thing about sewing is all the thinking! There was definitely some seam-ripping :)
It's pretty cool. The way this works is the bottom straps tie around your waist, and the top straps go over your shoulders, cross in the back and then tie in front under the baby's butt. I like it because there aren't any buckles or adjustable straps to fiddle with. I think the next time I make one I will try to use a cuter fabric. I am pretty pleased with the kangaroo pocket, though. You can do whatever you want on the front. The pocket is pretty useless but I thought it would be cute.

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