Saturday, June 1, 2013

coming soon: Finley Paige

This pregnancy, I've been having contractions for months. The doctor wasn't concerned about them and until now we haven't taken them seriously either.  Now it looks like things are happening, and I'm thinking I may not make it to my June 20 due date. We were in the hospital with a false alarm the other night, and last night contractions kept me awake FOREVER. In the meantime, we've been getting everything ready for real.

My husband painted the crib for me. It was a $35 craigslist find, and according to him, the hardest crib one could ever choose to paint. He made my coral crib dreams come true! Swoon.

Since little Fin will be sharing a room with us, I got creative with storage. I found this adorable basket at TJMaxx to keep my nursing pillow and extra swaddling blankets handy.

Here's a close up of the bedding I made. I love the way it turned out. I got antsy and took photos before adding the ties to the bumper pad. 

I ordered this print from Loxly Hollow as the final touch. I think it's the sweetest thing. 

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