Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Small Space Living {inspiration}

Our growing family is currently looking for a home. It's so exciting to be finally in a position to buy our very own house but also a little stressful and frustrating. There is not much in our price range, but it seems do-able to buy since renting anything right now costs about as much as a mortgage. On Monday we looked at a tiny little adorable historic house. Tiny. 700 square feet, tiny. It had beautiful original hardwood floors and beautiful moldings and no closets and a yard. Needless to say, it got me thinking. While I'm not sure what we will decide about that particular house, the gears in my brain started clicking and the "less is more" mentality really is starting to sound good regardless.

Who says our kids need so many toys they don't know what to do with? And why oh why do we have so many clothes? So many dishes? How do I change all of that? When we moved, Jared and I got rid of so much stuff and you know what? I didn't die! It felt amazing. We could get rid of more. Stuff means clutter and clutter stresses me out. My husband may disagree as I'm not always the first to put everything away, but if I know it all has a place to go, at least I'm not stressed out about it :)

There's something really attractive about living in 700 square feet, even with kids and a baby. It would mean we would love everything we owned or get rid of it. Everything would be useful and serving a purpose. It would force us to live more simply and purposefully.

So maybe I use a french press everyday instead of having a coffee pot on my kitchen doesn't sound so bad. As for my boys continuing to share a room, I don't think we could split them up if we tried.

I'd love to hear your comments either here or on the facebook page! What do you think about small space living? Have you ever lived in such a small space? Would you ever try it?

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