Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today my boys slept until was a small victory

                                                        an effort to keep our two boys sleeping past 5am, my husband and I purchased this clock. It's a clock that helps children tell time AND lights up when it's okay for them to wake up! I'd read excellent reviews on Amazon, and while it was expensive, I think it's going to work! Not only are the boys SO excited to have their own clock, it actually worked today.


Today was the second day we used it. Yesterday, my boys woke up at 4:45 and started getting in each-others beds, and playing with the "hidden" parent control buttons on the back so they disabled the glowing alarm clock feature. Last night I got smarter. I put the batteries in so that even if they unplug it, all the settings are still set, and I ingeniously put a piece of tape over the back opening that conceals the parent control buttons! It worked!! Although we only set it to 5:30, (baby steps...because we really want it to work) they stayed in bed quietly until it glowed! At that point I let them get up and play but hopefully we will work into a later and later sleeping pattern. We have literally been at our wits end lately. Do we go in their room and force them to stay quietly in bed? Do we let them get up and wreak havoc on their room and each other? Not only that, but I find myself now waking up at 4:45 every morning...UGH! I think it goes without saying that we're really happy to have some kind of small victory on this front. If you're struggling with the same issue, read the parent reviews on the link above and see if it's worth it to you to give it a try.


timronda said...

That is so early....yuck! I am guessing you have tried putting them to bed late.

Jessi said...

Yes! We did that before the time change to try to get them ready. And while that is torture in itself, they still wake up sooo early!