Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Tree Snow Globes

I started seeing these last year. I think they were made popular by Anthropologie. Anyway, they are incredibly easy to make and so whimsy and wintery!

 I found these little trees in two packs at the dollar store, and I've been saving all my jars (spaghetti, pickle, etc) so I was ready!

You'll need:
glittery fake snow
empty jars with lids
bottle brush trees
hot glue gun

First, hot glue the bottoms of your trees to the lids of your jars.

Then, add some snow to the jar and screw the lid on! I told you it was easy. The hardest part was scraping off the glue and labels from the used jars!

Turn them over and shake a little to get some snow to stick to the sides of the jar and the tree, and you're done!


The Reed Family said...

Love these Jessi! Which dollar store had the trees? I have another friend who made these this week as well but I am really liking the trees in yours. And how awesome that they are from the dollar store!

Jessi said...

I got mine at the dollar tree!