Monday, September 24, 2012

a picnic themed wedding

My brother got married on Saturday! I wanted to share some pictures because it was the cutest little wedding. The lovely Corinne is a very talented photographer and captured everything beautifully. Follow the link to her blog to see every little detail!

photo c/o corrinne alexandra

It was a quaint and intimate wedding so we sat on picnic blankets for the ceremony and for dinner rather than in chairs. My mom and Sara had little diy touches everywhere, and Jared was honored to perform the ceremony. Probably the most unique part was how Stephen prepared a volcano for he and his bride to each pour an ingredient in to make it erupt with love! The venue was beautiful and didn't really need much decorating so we focused the decor on the popcorn bar and pie tables. Lauryn, Kristen and I had so much fun making the tables pretty!  We re-used the paper wheels from Sara's bachelorette party for the back of the gazebo but mainly the beautiful couple and the view were the stars.

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