Monday, September 17, 2012

Parties and paper wheels

This weekend I threw a bachelorette party for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I really wanted my house to be festive so I tried to come up with some anthropologie-like decorations. I looked at lots of images of their beautiful window displays and noticed that they mainly use simple elements and repetition to create something spectacular and beautiful.

I chose to use these paper wheels I've been seeing on Pinterest. I bought roll of postal paper at the dollar store and used some leftover wrapping paper so the total cost for this project was $1. Believe it.

Cut a long strip. The wider your paper, the bigger your wheel will be. Also, the wider your paper, the more likely you will need 2 strips per wheel.

Fold it accordion style. I fell into a rhythm where I folded two folds at a time so I didn't have to keep turning my paper back and forth. 

On a few wheels I rounded the tips by cutting the ends like this.

Then you tape both ends of each strip together. If you're making a small wheel and you find that you can stretch it all the way around to make both ends meet, you can just do that, too. I hot glued a small square of cardboard to the back of each wheel to hold the center in place.

I hot glued a bunch of them together in a random-ish wavy pattern and then used the rest to hang from the ceiling and scatter around the house. 

Big impact for $1, don't you think?

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