Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simple Greek Salad

Jared and I have been loving Greek food lately. The Mediterranean flavors are just so refreshing, it's healthy, and easy to make! I used to be unnecessarily intimidated by making ethnic food. Now that I'm not, here's my recipe for a simple Greek salad.

red onion
leftover chicken (or 1 chicken breast, cooked and chopped)
some kalamata olives

Chop everything and toss it together. I got my feta from a market that has a whole counter of different kinds to try! It's like the deli counter, you just sample them and pay per pound...umm awesome. If you're local, it's called North Park Produce in Poway. They also have a whole counter devoted to olives!

I didn't have olives or cucumber today, so that's why there aren't any in my picture :(

Dress your salad with some kind of Greek dressing. I used TJ's Greek Style Feta Dressing.

Serve with hummus and pita!! (If you're feeling adventurous/ you want to have a reason to wear your cute Anthropologie apron, try making your own pita bread!)


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