Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tulle Tutu Tutorial

I had a little tu-tu making party with some friends on Saturday. I looked around one day and noticed all their little girls wearing tu-tu's, I had seen how easy they were to make on Pinterest, so I invited them over to make some. As I told the ladies at the fabric store, just because I have boys doesn't mean I can't make a tutu! I cannot take credit for how to make tu-tu's, there are tutorials all over the internet; but this is how we did it.

You will need:
elastic wide enough for a waistband
rolls of tulle 
*note: Don't buy tulle off the bolt, you will end up having too much cutting! Also, the gauge of the tulle makes a difference in how many yards you will need. We used a very fine gauge tulle, and ended up having to use around 10 yards per tu-tu!
a few cardboard scraps

First, I had them all send me waist measurements and I sewed elastic waistbands. We decided on a length for the tu-tu's and cut a few pieces of cardboard to that length, then wrapped them with tulle and cut the ends so the strips were all the same length.

Next, we used the cardboard to keep the elastic secure while using slip-knots to tie the tulle on. Just fold the strip of tulle in half lengthwise, put the loop end behind the elastic facing down so the raw ends are sticking up, then pull the ends through the loop down and around the front of the elastic.

Keep going all the way around!! The "foofier" the better. Yes, it's a word.

Aren't they pretty? 

We ended up having to run out and get more tulle, so all of the tu-tu's are multi-colored in an effort to optimize "foofiness"--I happen to love them, anyway. 

$5 a tutu- make some!

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