Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today, Really.

Today I jogged (yes, jogged!) with Asher at the park while Owen was at BSF with my Mom, and it was wonderful. I've really been trying to find time to fit exercising into my schedule. Not because I love it-I don't, I'm extremely lazy when it comes to working out, actually-but because I feel so much better, physically, mentally, and even emotionally when I do. It hasn't been easy. It has to be during the boys' naptime or after bedtime (when my laziness is at it's peak). I can't get up before they do-they wake up around 6:30 on a good day (a really good one) and getting in a good 45 minute work-out plus a shower in before that is laughable. The other obstacle is that they don't always both nap. I do my best to make sure Asher's morning nap is early enough so that he's ready for his afternoon nap around the same time Owen is, but it doesn't always work out. The other thing is, Owen doesn't always nap. Sometimes he lays quietly in his bed for about 45 minutes before I decide I'd rather he come out and play than wake up his brother. On days when they do nap together I usually can think of a million things I need to do other than exercise. Load or unload the dishwasher, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, mop the floors, organize something, sew something, cook something, sit in peace for a few minutes...you see my dilemma. I've decided that if I exercise two times a week, that's an accomplishment. Maybe once a week I bring the boys with me in the double stroller and jog like I did today, and another day I set aside for a naptime Insanity workout. Any moms out there have helpful tips about exercising with kids? I don't think it's my style to hit the gym when my husband gets home from work. I don't care that much :)

Here are some photos from Today, Really.

Owen has a few of his story books entirely memorized so my Mom had the suggestion that we start trying to memorize Bible verses with him. I wanted to start with one that was a really fundamental Biblical truth for him to hide in his heart. I got this peel and stick chalkboard decal at Michael's for $1.99, it comes in a 3-pack.

We played with bubbles in the backyard today but we had to come in because the boys got way too interested in this berry tree and Asher was trying to eat them.

You all know that look.

Have a great week! Those chalkboard decals sparked a few ideas in me. I'm trying to suppress them.

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