Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today, Really.

Hi, my kids are one and two. That pretty much covers it. After a wonderful Bible study this morning through the first 8 verses of James (enduring trials and being patient and them, you'll understand), I was assaulted by my nemesis of no naps. When Owen doesn't nap, he makes it hard for Asher to nap...see my problem? NO NAPS! My poor Mother rocked babies in tandem with me while trying to stave off a migraine and still, no success. Then Owen peed on my breakfast nook.

The thing that's hardest about no naps is, well, me. I get SO upset and I can't seem to redeem the day after such staggering frustration. I'm learning, though. Today after my mom left, I took a deep breath, looked around, and realized the boys were playing quite nicely. Right there I decided not to let no naps destroy my life, but to move on instead. I am so thankful that God prepared me so specifically today. He really does care-even about such a silly thing as a no nap-frazzled mom. Anyway, here's some visuals of today, really.

Don't worry, I told him to get his foot off the table.

This laundry has been here days. At least it's clean.

This is how I was feeling before my deep breath and reminder of James 1:1-8

and this

but then I was like

Guess what? They're sleeping, now. Seriously, thank you Jesus.

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Kate said...

love this post. so real. and so adorbs.