Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Headboard!

 Back in our first year of our marriage, when we lived in Missouri (helping start a church) for a season, my Mom came to visit us and made us a headboard. They are really easy to make, if anyone is interested. We bought a standard door (the cheapest one available) from the hardware store and covered it in batting and fabric with a staple gun.  Recently, I had a pretty good coupon for a fabric store and Jared and I decided to use it to recover that headboard. We were looking for something with a little more life to it. My husband is frustratingly opinionated likes to have decorating input, so we went to the fabric store together. He is not a shopper, but luckily we found fabric at the last minute that we both loved.

Here is the finished product, easy as that! (sorry about the pictures)

Project headboard: $15!

Hope your weekend is great!

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