Friday, August 19, 2011

Yarn Wreath

I've been admiring these yarn-wrapped wreaths on Pinterest lately...

They are so pretty and festive~don't you think?
Anyway, I decided to make one of my own. Here's how.

You'll need some felt for the flowers (around one sheet per flower), one of these straw wreaths, yarn, scissors, and a glue gun. The embellishment isn't necessary but I liked the twiggy beads I picked up. I wanted to find a cool striped feather but- no luck.

First, make the flowers. I made a variety planning on playing with them and only using a few and ended up using all but one! You cut out a circle (the bigger the circle, the bigger the flower), scalloping or waving the edge all the way around. Then you cut the circle in a spiral pattern. Once your spiral is cut, wind it up starting from the middle and working your way out, hot glue the end.

Now it's time to wrap your wreath! I read online not to take off the plastic so I just wrapped it up. This part is a little tedius; it took me about 50 minutes to wrap the whole wreath. You simply tie a knot at the back of the wreath to start, and tie another knot at the back to end.

Then add your flowers using hot glue! I played with mine for quite awhile. I'm super indecisive so I tried a bunch of different arrangements. I finally decided that I liked it best when there was a sort of wave to the cluster...

Here's the final result, I'm pretty proud of it! I hung it originally with a wreath hanger but then I decided to use ribbon. I have a metal door, so I just taped the ribbon at the top of the door with masking tape...then it fell. Right now it's holding pretty well with duct tape. 

Fall is coming!!


GSkodacek said...

Jessi! Lets make this too! OKAY! Craft day! :D Not kidding. I LOVE this stuff.

Robeson Family. said...

That is AMAZING!!!! I think i may have to make one!!

Anonymous said...

I will have to make one! Thanks for sharing..