Monday, May 9, 2011

Being Mom

As a mother of a not-quite-two-year-old (and it's starting to show) and a four-month old baby I found myself in desperate need of Mother's Day this year. Aaaand my husband delivered! He sent me to a movie of my choice (I picked Soul Surfer, which I loved!)...alone. I felt really strange about it at first. A little sheepish and a little guilty to take time to see a movie by myself on my husband's day off. He was great about it though and, armed with bottle and pacifier, sent me on my way. It. Was. Awesome.
I came home and did an Insanity workout and am currently eating an orange while God blesses me with sleeping boys. I must admit I hate how working out is such a stress reliever. Why can't sleeping be a stress reliever? Definitely not when you're trying to sleep-train a baby. I have a few goals to share with you in hopes that posting them here will make me feel guilty if I don't at least try to accomplish them.

1. Make my relationship and time with God more of a priority. More than sleep...whew.

2. Be a purposeful Mom and rely on God to make me into a better one. 
I often think that if I got paid for feeding kids and doing housework and had a boss watching me I would do a much better job. Isn't that sad?! I REALLY want to enjoy my kids and this precious time while they are babies. I fear nothing more than looking back on these years and realizing I spent all of my time freaking out and just "getting through it".

3. Exercise. 
Yes, though it pains me to say it, it really does relieve the tension. I am not a very disciplined person but I need to practice.

God keeps reminding me of how faithful and trustworthy He is. Unfortunately, I need that constant reminding because, although I know it, I don't always act like I do. Here's praying that I trust Him to continue completing me, find my worth in Him instead of my accomplishments, and that I don't get lazy.

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