Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Festivities

For Jen's bachelorette party the other night, we all went to a hands-on, private Thai cooking class in downtown La Jolla. It was SO much fun! The owner of the cooking school posted pictures here on her blog. The venue is decorated really modern and cute and we all felt like we were just around the kitchen island at a friend's mom's house the whole time. It was so relaxed and fun!

This is me and the Maid of Honor chopping onions.

As for the wedding, it was beautiful and perfect :) My boys wore little suits (I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of the two of them together!) and they were adorable. My husband was a stellar groomsman, I did not embarrass myself while giving my toast, and now I have beautiful leftover wedding flowers on my kitchen table.

These pictures are horrible and I wish I got better ones but I was a little busy with the kids. I actually made the decorations for the "getaway car" and it turned out really cute....but I don't have a picture :( I was busy blowing bubbles and cheering the bride and groom! Helpful tip though, if you ever need to decorate a car at a wedding, SUCTION CUPS are the key to attaching it to the vehicle! Who knew? Martha Stewart. That's who.

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