Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fabric is here!

The fabric I ordered came yesterday!! I'm so excited to get started on my projects for the boys' room....once I get a few other things finished :) When I have projects that I'm excited about they seem to get done so much more quickly than when I don't really care--so weird.

These two I am OBSESSED with!! The first one is kind of canvas-ey though, so I am can't use it on Owen's bed. I'm thinking of making pillows out of it. The second one is actually silky--perfect for making what Owen affectionately calls "shooey's". Just little square blankies (like 12in X 12in) that are silky on one side for snuggling and sleeping. I was so excited to find this fabric because-as you know-I think owls are adorable; and I can never find owl fabrics in "boy" colors. 

This is the plan for Owen's pillowcase. I decided to send the original owl fabric back (free shipping on returns!) and use the quilt my mom's friend made for Asher on Owen's bed instead of making another one. I figured it's done, it's cute, there you go! But this stripe is the same that is in the quilt and the ribbon is something I have been hanging on to, looking for something to do with it; so his pillowcase will match the quilt she made and his toddler bed will be complete! Now if only I can get my husband to make the transfer from crib to bed---he's definitely dragging his feet because we know Owen will be able to get out of his bed in the morning when we aren't ready to wake up yet. We did buy a baby gate for his bedroom door to keep him from wandering around the house in the middle of the night. Once we put him in the toddler bed we are planning on also transitioning Asher into the crib---in the same room!! Needless to say, there will be a few grumpy weeks ahead.

Here are the first two rows of the quilt I'm making for my friend's wedding gift. Brooke--I don't think you read my blog but if you do, block this from your memory :)

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