Friday, August 9, 2013

content to rent

My favorite blogger recently went from a renter to a home-owner. I love her because she has been "content to rent" and has taught me that renting doesn't have to mean foregoing a beautiful home. She has been featured in magazines in her rental home for goodness sake! I've told Jared that I think she's me a few years down the road because they've moved an insane number of times, her husband is a youth pastor, and she loves Jesus and decorating. 

We have now been married 7 years and have moved 8 times. We rent and I know exactly why. God is teaching me to hold on to the things of this world with open hands. For me, renting is uncomfortable because it isn't mine. It isn't permanent and there are no guarantees about the future. That feeling was only magnified when we were unexpectedly kicked out of our home in January. But I'm learning that staying in a somewhat uncomfortable state is key to understanding that Jesus is the only source of comfort and joy and belonging. Someday, I'm sure we will stop moving and will finally own something and I will re-paint a wall or two every year and rip out cabinets and drive my husband nuts and such and it will be grand. For now, I'd love to think I've learned to be contentedly uncomfortable, but I'm not so sure. I definitely had a breakthrough earlier this year, but when we do own a home, I know God will want me to have a light hold on it. And I honestly don't want it until it comes from Him, because it wouldn't be a blessing otherwise, it would be a distraction. 

We have a way of idolizing things without even realizing it, and I know a pretty house could easily become mine. If that's the case, and God knows it, I'm so glad He's choosing to teach me a good long lesson before giving in to this desire of mine. 

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