Friday, May 24, 2013

The inspiration and the execution

We have finally grown up. I think it's finally official seeing as how we have our third baby on the way. That said, I decided it was time to upgrade to a big girl file cabinet. I've been doing all of our filing in a file box forever, but the time has come for a more permanent solution. The kids are starting to have more and more paperwork I need to keep track of, and I'm starting to want to save every piece of paper they hand me. 

I've also been seeing file cabinets being used as end tables. This picture was in my country living mag a few weeks ago. Isn't she brilliant? She took 3 file cabinets, painted them the same color, and added a wooden board for the top.

And then I fell for this mint green one...

So I did my thing. I found a free file cabinet and painted it. I used 2 paint samples from Home Depot and one can of glossy sealer.

I took a "before" photo but it somehow got lost.

There you have it. The inspiration and the execution. Now it needs a plant or a tray or some books or something...

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