Friday, February 22, 2013

lets just say I'll be shopping this weekend...

We found out yesterday after a delay of almost 4 weeks that we will be welcoming a baby girl come June! I wanted to be surprised along with the kids but after so much waiting I couldn't help finding out at the doctor's yesterday. Jared and I filled a box full of balloons for the boys and my brother snapped some pics for us.

 I still can't believe it's a girl. I've been doing the boy thing for almost 4 years now! Of course, I hoped this would be a girl because it's very likely our last baby, but I was sure it would be a boy. 

This is a little fuzzy, but on the left you can see the baby's face with her arms folded under her cheek, and on the right is her little butt.

Okay, so triangle quilts are in the making and pics are coming soon (I'm waiting until I have at least one completed before I show you), but get ready for lots of headbands, rompers, leggings and the like!! GIRL!!

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