Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When You're Not the Host: a guide to Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but I think it will probably be years before I host my own Thanksgiving. We are blessed to have both sides of the family nearby, both of whom have Thanksgiving traditions and houses more conducive to hosting than I. I'm so thankful we have so much family, and that we get two Thanksgivings every year! I am, however, the hosting type, so here are a few things I do to make Thanksgiving "ours".

I always make something. Offer to make a pie or some artichoke dip or a goat cheese log and take it anywhere you may be eating Thanksgiving dinner. That way, you get to be a gracious guest, and not eat it all yourself.

Our first year of marriage, we lived far away from family in Missouri and had Thanksgiving dinner with some very sweet friends from church. That year, I made a few of our (okay, my) favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and just stored them in the fridge so we could still have leftovers. I'm sorry, but Thanksgiving just isn't the same without Grandma Bea's stuffing, complete with hot yellow peppers! So weird, I know.

Another fun tradition we have is Thanksgiving breakfast. Every year we invite our friends who are back in town for the weekend over for Thanksgiving breakfast. It began one year when our friend was house-sitting over Thanksgiving. The home-owners allowed him to invite guests over so we all spent the night in different rooms all over the house and stayed long enough Thanksgiving morning for coffee and cinnamon rolls together before heading off to our separate family meals. I love those kids.

This year I found a cardboard turkey at Target for a dollar that you put together and decorate with stickers. My boys and I will probably make that and take it to one lucky Grandma to grace her Thanksgiving table; just to include them in the festivities a little, as they won't be helping me make mashed potatoes or anything.

Do you have any non-hostess Thanksgiving traditions? Please share!


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