Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to keep your boots from falling over

Great news! I got new leather riding boots for my birthday! But, they were flopping over in my closet. The weather probably won't cool off for at least a few weeks and I was worried they were going to crease before I even got a chance to wear them!

I came up with one of those "duh" solutions, but I was pretty proud of myself so here's hoping it helps someone out there.

I grabbed an empty paper towel roll, a piece of felt and a clothespin. (Any scrap of fabric will do, just make sure it's thick enough or doubled over so the clothespin won't hurt your boots)

Here are my sad floppy boots.

I stuck the paper towel roll in one of them, folded the felt over both boots and pinned them together so the straight boot would hold up the floppy boot. A smarter solution would be to just save the cardboard inserts that come in the boots in the first place but I got carried away with new-ness and shoes and yes I am keeping them, throw away the box!!

Yay! No more floppy boots!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a catalog of the few pictures I've taken this summer (didn't always have my camera, but hey). Can you believe it's already almost September?? These boots will be broken in in no time.

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